beaTunes' powerful inspection feature lets you clean up your iTunes track data in a way unrivaled by any other software on the market today.
World-class mixing and mastering plug-ins — on demand
In our life, Sometime we need to create ringtone for our phone ring, iRingtone Pro is one good app available for Mac , we create ringtone from music, movie and we can record voice to making ringtone.
Ozone: Creative Mastering Platform The Advanced version of Ozone 6 includes a powerful new Dynamic EQ that lives and breathes with your music, as well as eight component plug-ins and a suite of configurable meters.


Switch File Format Converter is a sound file converter for Mac.


REFLEX+ is a delay algorithm based echo/reverb unit. It's the advanced native Win and OSX compatible version of the famous REFLEXfree.


Gater-Pro: Advanced Stereo Trance Gate


Tagr is an application that helps you organize your music collection.


Musictube is a YouTube music player. With it you can listen to millions of songs on YouTube in a convenient way, much like using a traditional player.
Sound Siphon makes your Mac’s audio output available as an audio input device.
It just sounds better! The beauty is in its simplicity, yet behind the minimal exterior lies a powerful music player with a ton of features & support for all audio formats you should ever need. *NEW* Introducing Loop for VOX™.
Complete integrated studio - Create, produce and perform. Create ideas, make changes without stopping, and capture everything as you work. If you’ve used music software before, you’re already familiar with one half of Ableton Live. Live’s Arrangement View is a familiar working space: time moves

Reaktor 5

REAKTOR opens a universe of sound. It's a deep and powerful modular studio that sets no restrictions on creativity. More than 70 unique synthesizers, sound generators, grooveboxes, sequencers and effects are at your fingertips, with 3000+ more freely available in the Online User Library. Set of


Komplete : Synths : Fm8


Minuet is a light and elegant music player. Its playlist-driven, queue-centric model lets you build, import, export, search, sort, and rearrange playlists with ease.
Practice makes perfect. iReal Pro offers an easy-to-use tool to help musicians of all levels master their art.


Massive, the synth that defined bass music, is an uncompromising sonic monster and the go-to choice for bass music and electro producers.
u-he Plugins Pack October 2015 (VST and AU)
Looking for a legal way for convert Apple music to MP3 on Mac so that you can enjoy your music on any non-apple players like Android, Sonos, tablets or car player? The following software is the right one for you!
Use your Mac for any audio-related task, such as live audio recording, creating iPhone ringtones, digitizing tapes and records, converting between a variety of sound formats (including Mp3, MPEG-4 AAC, AIFF, WAVE, WMA, CAF, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis), remastering your iTunes music library, record internet
Arena 5 is the media server edition of Resolume. It takes all of Avenue, and adds video mapping, soft edging, DMX control and SMPTE playback so you can take on the big stage.
Guitar Pro, the tab editor you need to reach the tops. Unleash your creativity!


Converts your Spotify, Rdio, Google Music tracks and playlists to Apple Music .
THE COMPLETE DJ SOLUTION FOR VIDEO & AUDIO MIXING Virtual DJ might be a great starting point to build up your career, as it helps you create amazing mixes and tunes to astonish your audience
Record, edit, and produce your audio with Sound Studio, an easy-to-use Mac app for recording and editing digital audio on your computer.
Studio One changes the rules of the game with fresh code, innovative drag-and-drop MIDI mapping and plug-in management, auto-configuration with PreSonus hardware, insanely good audio quality, unlimited tracks and plug-ins per track, and a powerful, inventive Start page.


REAPER is a digital audio workstation: a complete multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering environment.
SoundMate - The Soundcloud Mac App That Puts You In Control


Swinsian is a music manager and player for OS X.


Fidelia is a high-definition audio player for sophisticated music lovers.
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