JustTomato is a little Mac application that allows the user to convert a group of image files (PNG, TIFF) into icon files (ICNS).
Paw – The missing HTTP Client for OS X Easily craft your HTTP requests, try them, archive them.
Slender is one of those rare tools that fits neatly between development and design.
Spot the differences. Merge in seconds. With text merge, three-way merge, folder comparison, and now the ability to ignore whitespace-only differences, Kaleidoscope integrates perfectly with the version-control systems you already use. Who says powerful developer tools can’t be beautiful too?
If I'll see you like the app, and give me some ratings, look forward for loads of features in the updates... A simple php code testing app made for those of you who constantly open the terminal to type php -r '' in there, and test your code. I was thinking about making this app for a long time,
Save a tremendous amount of time with PaintCode 2. The missing bridge between developers and graphic designers, PaintCode is a vector drawing app that instantly generates Objective-C or C# drawing code. With PaintCode you can create an app that is truly resolution-independent, using code (instead
CSS3 Live Design Tool for Mac OSX Edit CSS3 in RealTime With Powerfull WebInspectors.
ublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, html and prose. You'll love the slick user interface, extraordinary features and amazing performance.
Hypernap is a quick and easy tool for helping you test your web APIs.
Deploy is a light-weight application that helps install local instances of Wordpress sites. Deploy puts a clean interface on the initial work of setting up a Wordpress build, including configuring your wp-config file, create a custom-theme stylesheet, and helping shore-up security by removing
How Throng is your Server? Throng is a simple yet powerful tool to stress-test your webserver.
Jenkins Notifier is the missing link that allows you to monitor your Jenkins CI Server job statuses from your Mac OS X machine.
The most innovative and incredible all-in-one editor for your web code. • #1 Top Grossing Mac Developer Tool • Named a Mac App Store Best of 2012 • Macworld 2012 Editors' Choice
Graphical Http Client is a utility to help you test and interact with REST-based web services.
Code Collector Pro The Mac OS X Code Snippet Manager is the developers best friend for storing, managing and discovering code snippets.
Favicon Creator allows you to create favicon (favorite icon) / Windows icon with any image. The easiest way to create favicon! Use drag and drop to select an image and create your .ico icon! You can also select the image and save the icon manually.
GENERATE, MERGE and EDIT strings from multiple Xcode Projects, source files (only "NSLocalizedString") or from strings files. Translates your strings automatically and easily.
JSCAPE MFT Server is a platform independent managed file transfer solution that centralizes all of your file transfer processes into a single easy to use application. JSCAPE MFT Server supports all major file transfer protocols including FTP/S, SFTP, SCP and HTTP/S.
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